About Us

Steel – Mac Engineering Ltd

Our “Mission Statement” clearly defines our company’s commitment to customer satisfaction and advancement on every level.

“A leader within the metal fabricating industry, we will develop strong and trusting relationships with our client’s and suppliers based on a consistently high level of service, quality and value.

Well diversified in the areas of design, engineering and manufacturing, we will adapt to effectively meet our client’s needs through ongoing advances in technology and automation.

Committed to our employees, we will strive to provide them with a challenging and fulfilling work environment, where opportunities for advancement and educational incentives promote and encourage customer focus, profit awareness and personal growth.”

Our entire team’s aim is to effectively meet all of your metal fabricating requirements, now, and in the years to come.

Steel-Mac’s Values

  1. Integrity

    Integrity will not be compromised for customer requirements or our team of dedicated and career-minded employees.

  2. Enthusiasm

    To meet the needs and expectations of our management staff and employees for a fair, enjoyable and challenging work

  3. Work Ethic

    To attract and retain quality competent employees who excel in their career, demand excellence from themselves and their co-
    workers. Provide opportunities and give encouragement to develop and enhance their profession skills and technical experience.

  4. International Acceptance

    To be a fabricator of choice, an industry leader in custom fabricating of all metals and steel structures through an ongoing commitment to our corporate vision, mission and values.

  5. Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE)

    Implement, establish and continuously improving Health, Safety and Environmental Programs that exceed industry standards to
    prevent harm to people, to property, to process and to the environment through a management system that is effective, efficient
    and expects excellence. Promoting a proactive approach and solutions to health, safety and environmental at all levels.

    At Steel-Mac Engineering Ltd we are passionate about achieving quality outcomes and delivering smart solutions to our client’s needs and challenges. We are a proud UK engineering fabrication company committed to exceeding client’s expectations by delivering products of the highest quality on time and at a competitive price.

    Our business has an outstanding track record of partnering with our clients to deliver results in all facets of engineering; from quoting and designing to fabricating and painting. We take great pride in our work and are firmly committed to delivering impressive results for our clients every time.

    Our commitment to clients, our competitive pricing, and our proven ability to think laterally places Smart Fabrication at the forefront of the engineering and metal fabrication industries.

Our Vision

Steel-Mac Engineering Ltd will continually grow as an internationally recognized leader in innovative solutions in custom structural fabricating and manufacturing opportunities.

Mission Statement

Steel-Mac Engineering Ltd will exceed our customer’s expectations by providing reliable and cost effective solutions
through strong business associations, quality product resolutions, dedicated employees, extraordinary service and safe practices.

The way we do things

Steel-Mac Engineering achieves high quality outcomes for our clients through a constant focus on continuous improvement, quality work practices and investing in the ongoing training and professional development of our experienced staff. This is how we do things and what we stand for, and this is our commitment to our clients.


“We do the right thing, every time”

  • Treat others with integrity and respect
  • Accept responsibility for our own mistakes
  • Make realistic and achievable commitments
  • Do what you say you’re going to do


“We’re forward thinking to remain ahead of the pack”

  • Think outside the box and challenging the status quo
  • Favour change and innovation
  • Continuously develop ourselves on a personal and professional level
  • Open to new ideas and new ways of doing things


“We aim to do better today, what we did yesterday”

  • Be organised
  • Think before you do
  • Challenge “the way we’ve always done things” to find better ways
  • Minimise waste in time and resources


“We go the extra mile”

  • Stand out from the rest for the right reasons
  • Go above and beyond what’s expected – we don’t do average!
  • Action-oriented, ambitious and hard working
  • Helping our peers and the team when they’re facing challenges

Being modest and giving credit where credit is